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Maricelle Olivier - Ceramic Artist Creating her own Space of Belonging
“When I look at my works collectively, I see and feel home.” Maricelle Olivier is a South African artist exploring her personal history and creating her own space of belonging through the medium of ceramics. The making and laying down of coils on one another, joining and smoothing sections before repeating - relates to the patterns that adorn the surfaces on her work. Unpacking her cultural identity and heritage, the vessels transform into embodiments to hold and reflect emotions. strong connection to her culture, language and country remains through her contemporary ceramic works.
18 September 2023 by Gillian Corba...



A new version of smart glasses
The latest model of smart  glasses produced by Meta-Ray Ban is close to being an item James Bond would dream of.With bui
3 October 2023 by IdeaSpies


2 October 2023 by Prof.(Dr.) Sa...



Sleep regulation is more important than sleep duration
But why does sleep regularity have such a significant effect?It’s likely because of how changes in our sleep patterns tinker wit
2 October 2023 by IdeaSpies


1 October 2023 by Prof.(Dr.) Sa...


An art exhibition in a church
Works of Italian painter Adolfo Lorenzetti presented beautifully in this exhibition in the church of San Benedetto in Gottell
1 October 2023 by IdeaSpies