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A next generation disaster management service
California’s One Concern is an example of a next-generation disaster management service that provides a model for what could be achieved in Australia. It has partnered with various city governments, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, to create virtual models of particular regions’ physical environment, by assigning “digital fingerprints” to each significant feature of that environment. The service constantly monitors any thermal shifts and seismic movement across the sensor network. Processing this data together with historical data allows One Concern to run simulations to help determine the best course of action while a disaster event is unfolding.
15th November 2019 by lynnwood 0 Comments
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Eco Renewable Energy
Ideas that move people: converting human movement into renewable energy using fun, interactive & engaging human power products to inspire and educate people of all ages on renewable energy  The human power products include: energy generating dance floor, furniture and fitness equipment. The solutions promote health and wellness whilst delivering a sustainability message. 
22nd November 2019 by Madeline 1 Comments
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Not for Profit

Six Tests for any Public Policy
The newDemocracy Foundation has found that only 30% of federal and state government decisions adhere to good-policy making. The re
22nd November 2019 by percy 1 Comments
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A New Study Suggests A Lack of Sleep Makes Your Brain Eat Itself
It makes intuitive sense that our wellbeing improves when we have the right amount of sleep. This interesting new study suggests a more concerning picture. It suggests chronic sleep-deprivation causes overactivity in the brain’s self-cleaning mechanism, leading to destruction of healthy brain cells. Another reason to ensure you get enough sleep!
21st November 2019 by Gill mclaren 0 Comments
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Unearthing a pictorial history
The State Library of NSW has been able to transform its archives into a a public gallery offering a pictorial history of NSW. Collections are displayed in separate rooms for portraits and landscapes. The background to each artwork and its location is displayed on screens like the one shown. Many donors have helped to restore the artworks. Restoration of the painting shown was supported by Dr Wendy Michaels.
20th November 2019 by lynnwood 0 Comments
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A way with waste
20th November 2019 by narellehooper 1 Comments
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