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Secure Home Deliveries
Chamberlain Group, the maker of garage door openers, is partnering with Amazon to develop secure, convenient package delivery
30th November 2019 by michael-sharp... 0 Comments
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New technology means more Christmas prawns
Australians will be enjoying more Aussie-grown prawns this Christmas thanks to a new prawn health check developed by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO.
6th December 2019 by IdeaSpies 0 Comments
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Robot doctors
Computers and robots can act as doctors. This idea was seen in the movie Baymax which gives us a look at what healthcare may look like in the future –  we will get care of all kinds from robots, not just humans. The  robot in the film looks like a marshmallow man and is designed to be non-threatening and huggable, 
6th December 2019 by Emily-M 0 Comments
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Not for Profit

Helping Language Communities Create Their Own Books
The Bloom Library provides an easy-to-use digital publishing platform that a local language community can quickly learn and generate books from to be used in classrooms and literacy groups. The tool solves a key problem that many communities face: They want to advocate for literacy in their local language but don't have enough books to help their community members practice what they are learning. Currently the platform has 5000 books in over 200 languages. It supports PDF, ePub, audio books and video. The platform facilitates Sign Language diglots, picture dictionaries, leveled/decodable readers and complex non-roman scripts. Visit 
5th December 2019 by jon-hirst 0 Comments
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A fascinating border ceremony
India and Pakistan have a history of conflict. Despite this tense relationship every evening at sundown they perform a perfectly coordinated ceremony at the border near Amritsar. Soldiers from both sides do an impressive march and bring down their flags together to the delight of large local audiences and some tourists.
5th December 2019 by IdeaSpies 0 Comments
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