Do you want to be the internal champion for innovation?

Do you want to be the internal champion for innovation?

The best source of innovation is employees

If you want to be an internal champion for innovation look around you. You can encourage useful ideas from your colleagues.

Recent research has shown that over 90% of employees believe they are the best source of innovation with 57% strongly agreeing and 34% agreeing

The purpose of the survey was to determine if employees have a voice in helping their organisations succeed. Innovation was defined simply in the survey as “implementation of ideas that add value”.

When asked what would make it easier for them to contribute ideas the top response was 45% wanting a software tool/digital platform that’s easy to use.

David Thodey AO, Chair of CSIRO and Jobs for NSW, said “I really like the IdeaSpies Enterprise solution. I have a strong view that the best source of innovation is your staff. They know the business and how to improve it better than consultants. The issue has always been how do you provide an open forum for those ideas?”

The Employee Innovation Survey was sent to about 2,000 employees, with 18% responding and volunteering extensive comments.

The full report on the results is here.

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