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5th January 2017 by mystery-shopp... 2 Comments
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A breathalyzer that detects disease
A new device called Na-Nose can diagnose a variety of common but dangerous diseases just from a sample of your breath. Different types of cancer, Crohn?s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Parkinson?s disease, multiple sclerosis and chronic kidney disease are reported to diagnosable with this device. Because the device is non-invasive it could lead to much earlier treatment of these diseases.
4th January 2017 by sandy 1 Comments
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Smart shelves that help you shop
Imagine a trip to your grocery store where shelves lights up right under the item you?re seeking and you receive an alert if you accidentally pass it. And future applications could include providing on-demand nutritional info when you touch the shelf below an item.
2nd January 2017 by lauralaura-co... 1 Comments
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Grannies as chefs
Enoteca Maria Restaurant at Staten Island New York offers a different international grannie (or nonna in Italian) chef each day they are open. They now also offer free classes run by their grannies to show how they make their signature dishes.
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Clever packaging
This interesting bottle of tequila was spotted for sale at JFK airport in NY.
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