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True leaders spark innovation by creating an inclusive, open culture 

Too many leaders struggle with innovation because they see it as an isolated need or limited to new product development. Instead, innovation is the direct result of a healthy internal ecosystem, creating an innovative culture where work has meaning, brands have genuine value and new thinking  leads to useful ideas being implemented.

IdeaSpies Enterprise helps to create an innovative culture by inspiring and encouraging the implementation of ideas that help an organisation succeed. This very easy to use tool enables an organisation to create an environment of inclusion that encourages internal champions and earns trust. Purpose and passion are the lifeblood of a successful company.

Why is this so vital? According a Gallup Report  the percentage of adults who work full time for an employer and are engaged at work — they are highly involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace — is just 15% worldwide. This low % implies significant wasted potential, given that business units in the top quartile of Gallup’s global employee engagement database are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable than those in the bottom quartile.

IdeaSpies Enterprise was conceived to turn the tide in your favour… naturally.

What is IdeaSpies Enterprise?

IdeaSpies Enterprise is an idea capture tool that offers a simple, effective, fun way to encourage and rate ideas. It’s easy to use because it’s been tested and refined via the public IdeaSpies platform. IdeaSpies is the demonstration model for IdeaSpies Enterprise and you can try it easily by registering. Hundreds of people around the world have already registered on the public IdeaSpies platform to post ideas.

IdeaSpies Enterprise is the private version. People at all levels of an organisation are encouraged to register using their organization email address, then they can see their colleagues’ ideas to rate and comment on them as well as add their own ideas. They can use their own names or anonymous Idea Spy names. Only people with an organisation’s email address can see the ideas. The platform can operate independently.

Pre-arranged judges select the best ideas based on the support (i.e. ratings) shown for them. Winners are rewarded on a timely basis and selected ideas are implemented.

This short video shows how it works

Why should you subscribe to IdeaSpies Enterprise?

One of the biggest challenges in leading teams is encouraging innovative thought. There’s never enough time for team members to be creative and share their ideas. Many employees feel inhibited when the process forces creativity and ideas through structured, time-pressured sessions – a less effective way to encourage and spark creative and innovative ideas.

IdeaSpies Enterprise solves these challenges. It opens up the ideas conversation and encourages innovative thinking. It does this by:

Generating useful, effective and actionable ideas

Research has shown that long-term organisational success depends on developing, testing and introducing new ideas- not being satisfied with the status quo.

The easiest way to generate ideas that improve your business is from your team members. They understand your business and want it to succeed.

Increasing staff engagement and retention

An innovative culture led from the top also has higher staff engagement and retention. Insync research has shown that 51% of people rate lack of job enrichment as the most important reason they leave their job.

Your people will feel more enriched and empowered when there is an easy, transparent and effective mechanism to share their ideas, with a timely reward system, ensuring they will receive credit for ideas they suggest and that their ideas will be seriously considered for testing or implementation. Recording ideas and contributing sources also helps to solidify teams across silos which typically limit ideas outside their realm.

While there are many enterprise social networks that can add to job enrichment, IdeaSpies is different- it facilitates:

1. a focus on idea generation
2. stimulation of ideas due to being directly linked to the public IdeaSpies ideas platform
3. participation because the platform is responsive on all devices
4. timely rewards that encourage participation
5. psychological safety given ideas can be posted anonymously
6. use across an organisation due to its simple and fun functionality, without a need for training
7. reduced negativity given it offers an opportunity to offer solutions to perceived problems
8. accountability for recognising useful ideas.

In summary IdeaSpies Enterprise is a simple, agile idea sharing program that aligns a business with the internal and external values shaping change and that enables employees to connect those values to positive actions.

Easy to learn and simple to use

The IdeaSpies Enterprise platform’s simplicity means it’s easy for you, as a leader with many demands on your time, to participate with team members. A key success factor for enterprise social networks is participation by organisation leadership. IdeaSpies Enterprise provides you with a program through which to lead your team.

Be part of a Community of Innovation Leaders

As an IdeaSpies Enterprise Leader you’ll join a select group of business innovation leaders. Through this group  you can compare results and learn more about practical ways to create an innovative culture which improves staff engagement and retention. This fuels outside-in thinking and influence, to avoid inadvertently becoming a closed culture.

Case Study on the use of IdeaSpies Enterprise

KPMG GWS (Greater Western Sydney) completed a successful trial of IdeaSpies Enterprise in December 2017. You can read it here.

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