A 10 sec check for cancer


Scientists from the University of Texas at Austin have developed a pen called the “MacSpec pen” that can screen and analyze tissue samples for cancer in just 10 seconds when the process usually takes weeks. The pen, which looks like a white permanent marker with a cord down its back, is made with a 3D-printed surgical-ready plastic tip and uses water instead of gases and other harming solvents. The tool works by releasing a small water droplet onto a tissue sample and sucking the water, with some residual tissue, into a mass spectrometer to analyze the tissue samples in real time. With 93 percent accuracy, the researchers identified lung, ovary, thyroid and breast cancers using both mice and human tissue samples. https://www.google.com.au/amp/newatlas.com/macspec-pen-cancer-healthy-tissue/51238/%3famp=true

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