A 24/7 fixed price real estate agent


PurpleBricks started in the U.K. and is now expanding its low cost service in Australia with plans to disrupt the real estate industry. www.purplebricks.com.au

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  1. Real estate agents traditionally earn a terrific income on each individual property they sell, especially considering the amount of work they do. That’s why there are absolutely so many agents in the business, especially now. Their generally self-serving behaviour was largely sanctioned by the media, especially print media which was very dependent on real estate advertising. Now many many costs are absorbed for almost nothing on the net!

    There have been attempts in the past to establish cut-price agencies which have been unsuccessful. Partly this was inertia in the marketplace and partly substantial hostility from other agents. I don’t know if this new agency scheme will provide better results in terms of agent’ s behaviour but the current agency list in Sydney at least is noted for its sales skill. Even if agents under the scheme behave poorly, at least the cost is less and it may be that the agent will work harder for the quickest possible sale, considering that a commission is lower. Anyway shaking up what has existed unchanged for about hundred and 50 years, would be certainly worthwhile.

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