A day without coal-generated power in Britain


April 21 was the first full day of coal-free power in Britain in 135 years. About half of the energy used that day came from natural gas, while the rest of the power was provided by nuclear, imported, and renewable energy sources. In fact, half of the power in the U.K. on a day-to-day basis now comes from renewables and nuclear. https://futurism.com/britain-goes-24-hours-without-coal-generated-power-for-the-first-time-in-135-years/

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  1. This is an interesting symbolic action for Britain. Although the U.S. doesn’t have a clear, comprehensive energy policy/vision, market and grassroots forces a shaping a pretty consistent direction. Most growing industries are embracing alternative, renewable energy sources. The vested interests in coal may be fighting to remain in the energy mix and will in certain parts of the country for years to come. As someone who has worked in the transmission and utility side of this industry for over 20 years, I believe the trends moving away from coal to more environmentally sustainable choices are irreversible. For example, our state government and local utilities developed an Oregon Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Plan. This transitions Oregon off remaining coal-fired electricity generation and doubles the amount of renewable energy used, to move Oregon’s electric utilities to a path to achieve state carbon reduction goals.

  2. Good points! Australia is doing the same though the policy is not fully worked out and there are concerns about energy shortages/blackouts next year as a result of the move to less dependable renewable sources.

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