A deposit return scheme that reduces littering


A deposit return scheme that experts say drastically reduces the number of plastic bottles and cans littering streets and seas is being introduced around the world. The idea has the backing of global drinks company Coca-Cola and comes amid warnings that the worldwide plastics binge poses as serious a threat as climate change. South Australia introduced container deposit legislation in 1977!

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  1. It still surprises me that such a simple idea as a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles and cans that was successfully introduced in South Australia forty years ago, is only just starting to be noticed elsewhere.

    It was introduced to encourage a two-fold benefit
    a) to stop littering
    b) to promote recycling

    Not surprisingly the success has been exceptional, and in many discrete ways encouraged the mindset that has lead to Adelaide now being recognised as one of the world’s smart cities.

  2. I agree completely! We often hear bad news about South Australia when there’s lots of good news that should come from there. Good news about what’s happening in Australia often gets reported overseas first. IdeaSpies is seeing it and trying to make it known here. Thanks for helping!

  3. South Australia has been quietly positioning itself on the global market as an innovation hub for many years. It is not surprising that the city’s penchant for supporting both innovation and entrepreneurship is better known overseas at this stage. I am quite sure that Australia will eventually notice, and kudos to IdeaSpies for facilitating this process.

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