A “moon shot” goal to make Australia the healthiest nation on earth

The ISA (Innovation & Science Australia) 2030 report proposed a “moon shot” goal to make Australia the healthiest nation on earth. Life expectancy was suggested as one clear target. Currently Australians come 6th in the world on an OECD list with a life expectancy of 82.5 years, and run health services efficiently, with health expenditure per person of US$4,493, the 14th highest in the world.

The better use of health data should enable a new wave of innovation in health, with the direct benefit to Australians in better outcomes, with the potential for valuable and exportable health products and services. Australia’s centralised health system and longitudinal date are advantages that make this goal possible to achieve. https://www.innovationaus.com/2019/04/Election-Podcast-Daniel-Petre

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  1. This idea aims to sharpen up diagnoses through a greater range of targeted, cost-effective population genome screening programs to identify rare and chronic diseases, especially cancer, earlier than ever before.
    Gene therapy and gene editing would be assisted by artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. This would lead to better awareness of susceptibility to various diseases, improved access to more effective, safer and more finely-honed treatment regimes and more ability to prevent disease by lifestyle changes.
    The report proposing the idea makes a number of references to the US mission in the sixties to put a human being on the Moon.
    Help if you can to get this idea off the ground.

  2. Anything that promises both increased longevity as well as a more fruitful life is always to be welcomed. America was first on the moon because it had a clear political imperative as well as the financial will to do so. I don’t see the same thing here.

    • Yes- political will is hard to find in the current environment. However Austrália is very well positioned to set and achieve such an inspiring goal.
      It would be interesting to see the business case for this idea, including the assumptions being used given the reliance on new technologies.

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