A new stress test for elite athletes

Sports scientists realise that athletes must be adequately stressed to stimulate performance increases. However excessive stress caused by over-training or insufficient recovery increases the likelihood of subsequent injury or a failure to reach peak performance. Inflametric is a simple finger prick blood metabolic stress test that is both sensitive and cost-effective. By using their test sports scientists can accurately devise the exercise programs that support an athlete’s preparation, and following injury, plan and train for recovery and re-entry into competition. Inflametric has been supported by the ON Accelerate program at CSIRO. http://www.oninnovation.com.au/en/ON-teams/ON-Tribe/ON-Accelerate4-Teams/Inflametric

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  1. I wonder if this test could be also used for athletes who are “suboptimal” and also for patients recovering from injury who need an exercise program to be developed, for example in post-operative orthopaedic situations?

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