A paste that transforms deserts into fertile land

Scientists at Chongqing Jiaotong University in China have created a paste that’s made from the same substance found in plant cell walls. It’s made from a sodium carboxymethyl cellulose solution which creates support and protection for plants to grow. When the paste is combined with sand in an arid environment, it’s still able to keep water and nutrients for growth. A project in a northern China desert saw positive results in just six months. Flowers and vegetables were growing in nearly 500 acres of sand with the new technology, which essentially makes the land fertile in an extremely hot climate. http://www.distractify.com/news/2017/09/25/Z1OEAxp/china-researchers-deserts-fertile-land

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  1. May I assume plants growing from this paste are healthy to digest? I suspect so. Attending the World’s Fair way back in the 1960’s in Flushing, Queens in NYC, I still recall the impression on me when I saw plants growing out of thin air and other futuristic agriculture concepts. Seeing this paste that helps turn deserts into virile landscapes certainly addresses a growing need to assure our world does not suffer from famine, and that local farms can repopulate the world. I suspect that with increased water shortages around the world and as evident here in the United States, such as California and how stressed the waterways are in Colorado that also supply California, I suspect this paste presents a huge relief factor. I network with local agricultural innovators and will share this with them too as I suspect they will see additional advantages I may miss, as just a person who eats food and appreciates the role better food sources, more open farming opportunities and more accurate health risk labeling have on our world.

    This is an outstanding contribution to the world to close one of the gaps we have when we fail to show compassion for regions struggling with drought, disease or other. Kudo’s.

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