A platform that helps startups bootstrap

Loom solves the problem that many founders are willing to give away parts of their business, but don’t know freelancers who might be prepared to do work. Plus, the platform helps people who don’t have money to offer. Up to 15,000 freelancers (mostly developers) are listed on the platform and about 1,000 founders have posted projects so far.

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  1. I worked as a senior marketing volunteer for 8 years in a local Colorado incubator. I saw firsthand how entrepreneurs went through their limited funds to shape their business fundamentals, then devoid of funds when it came time to market it to the world or just locally.

    I applaud this as a key contribution to entrepreneurs and where feasible, as an opportunity for freelancers to support startup companies that they see promise in. Be nice if a company had a review by experts that can show logical insights to why it may succeed or what its challenges will be so freelancers can start on a platform of viability to equate their risks.

    I am about to share a related, yet very different idea to support startups as a more complete ecosystem, Certainly this work would fit in nicely with what I have only envisioned and mapped out, should I get enough support to complete it or advise others who have the financial means and some of the team needed.

    • Great to see you are getting value from some of the ideas happening now that have been posted on IdeaSpies! I can see how this one could tie in with your new startup ecosystem idea.

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