A shower toilet


In Japan, toilets that offer showers are commonly called washlets, and include many advanced features rarely seen outside of Asia. The features commonly found on washlets include bidet washing, seat warming, and deodorization. The washlet isn’t cheap yet, in Japan, they are everywhere. In fact, compared to plain, old, featureless toilets, washlets are in the majority of restrooms. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.engadget.com/amp/2014/05/09/westerners-guide-to-japanese-toilets/

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  1. Toilets in Japan are by and large more detailed than toilets in other created countries. There are two styles of toilets regularly found in Japan; the most seasoned sort is a basic squat toilet, which is as yet basic out in the open comforts. After World War II, current Western-sort flush toilets and urinals ended up plainly normal. The present best in class for Western-style toilets is the bidet toilet, which, as of March 2016, is introduced in 81.2% of Japanese family units..


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