A simpler and more effective way to purify water

A new patented form of graphene, called Graphair, is an effective filter that supercharges water purification; making it simpler and faster. Researchers from the University of Sydney, UTS, QUT and Victoria University tested and analysed Graphair and its water purification qualities.They found that without Graphair, a membrane’s filtration rate halved in 72 hours, as contaminants clogged it. When the Graphair was added, the membrane didn’t clog, plus it filtered more contaminants and water. Graphair is made out of soybean oil, most often found in vegetable oil. So now there is a better, cheaper, water filter using a common cooking ingredient. This could mean proper, effective water filtration is in reach of developing world communities. https://blog.csiro.au/super-material-filters-sydney-harbour-water/

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  1. This is terrific. Image its use in under developed nations where access to clean drinking water is a major cause of death and disease. Would love to see this connected up with a giving forward program with a major company.

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