A smart fitting room


The Oak Mirror is an interactive, touch-screen mirror that allows you to customize your fitting room’s ambiance, explore product recommendations and digitally seek assistance from store sales people. Ralph Lauren was one of the first brands to use it. www.oaklabs.is

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  1. I suspect there are several things holding this product back …

    – requires tight integration with stock systems
    – what happens when sales people are busy helping other customers?
    – new interfaces need to be learned by customers and staff
    – staff required to carry around a tablet
    – constant need to wipe fingerprints off mirror

    Most of all though, is this really a thing people are struggling with? If the store isn’t providing a good level of customer service, this isn’t going to magically fix that.

    • All excellent points Ian. I’m thinking from a customer point of view as a woman. Maybe fitting rooms are easier for men. I’d love this service however can understand that it may not be possible due to the logistics you mention.
      You’ve just given me another idea. IdeaSpies could help in getting feedback on products like this….

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