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Lynn Wood, Chief Idea Spy and Owner

We believe in inspiring action by sharing clever ideas.

Clever ideas need to have a place to be shared to inspire action that makes a positive difference in the world. IdeaSpies is that place.

Idea Spies are observant people who care about the world and make it better by sharing clever ideas happening around them.

The idea for this ideas platform was born on a trip to Canada in 2015 with my friend Dr Sabra Brock when a guide said ‘Promote what you love, rather than bash what you hate’.

There are now over 1,000 clever ideas, happening now, posted on IdeaSpies. You can easily search the ideas by category and word, share and rate them. The platform shows the most popular as well as the most recent ideas.

If you register to become an Idea Spy you can also comment and add ideas as well as receive IdeaSpies Weekly.  

You can add your own startup by stating your “elevator pitch” with a link for more information.

When you see something and think “that’s clever!” share it with IdeaSpies.

We support NFP’s and we’re an ambassador for Pledge 1%.

IdeaSpies was recognised as a top 100 Cool Company last year.

IdeaSpies Enterprise

The public site is the flagship for IdeaSpies and a new private white label version has been created to offer a simple, effective, fun way for enterprises to encourage ideas. Contact lynn.wood@IdeaSpies.com


Lynn Wood, Chief Idea Spy

Emma House, Little Chief Idea Spy

Shanil Fernando, Developer Idea Spy

Doug Freeman, Communications Idea Spy

Trish Kelly PSM, Deputy Chief Idea Spy

Chris Liddell-Apprentice Idea Spy

Anne Massey, Champion Idea Spy

Lynette Robinson, Ambassador Idea Spy

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Top 100 Coolest Companies in Australia 2016 


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For the IdeaSpies tagline “Sharing Innovation-A Hub for inspiration”

John Roberts UNSW Professor of Marketing with his Master of Marketing class and Trish Kelly PSM.


Mark Stanbridge, Ashurst Partner, said, “At each of our Boardroom Lunches one of our M+A lawyers presents ideas from IdeaSpies- they enjoy it, and it gives them an opportunity to present ideas they see on Idea Spies to leading directors in Australia.”


Maria Halasz, CEO Cellmid Limited, said  “We posted our idea on IdeaSpies when we had brought a brand new technology to help women with hair loss. After looking at IdeaSpies our entire team became galvanised and even those with no social marketing knowledge, such as our scientists and admin team, got right behind it.”

Sarah Davies, CEO of Philanthropy Australia said, “The IdeaSpies platform is such an exciting innovation. It is a terrific space for not-for-profits to share their clever ideas and inspire others to think about how they can make the world a better place.”

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