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Aged Care Report Card, the ‘TripAdvisor’ styled system for the aged care industry

ACRC’s site was developed in response to the hundreds of seniors, family carers and health professionals we surveyed to better understand the needs of our ageing community.

People simply need more information than what is readily available online. Families in particular are overwhelmed by so much information and at the end of the day relied heavily on the word-of-mouth of their friends or people in their community.

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  1. An excellent and innovative idea. Clear and practical with loads of real information, which cannot help but be useful for families, including seniors, in situations where the fate of an elder loved one as it were “hangs in the balance” in terms of future comfort and self-respect. It must inevitably help remove to some considerable extent emotional concerns by younger members of the family, when confronted with a really difficult situation about which they wish to do their best but are beset by lack of knowledge and experience.

    • Thank you kindly Max for your comments. That’s certainly our intention to make a useful free resource for people going through a very stressful time (as you have mentioned above) but equally to improve the quality of care in the sector by providing a trusted outlet for consumers to feedback information to aged care operators anonymously if they choose.

      Kind regards,
      Lauren @Aged Care Report Card

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