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IdeaSpies is free for posting ideas by Members of our IdeaSpies Community on a DIY basis and is curated.

Our Bespoke Service is based on our expertise in expressing an idea and innovation simply in 100 words or less and sharing it through our digital marketing channels. Our posts reach over 200,000 people per month who are interested in ideas and innovations.

Is your idea or innovation clever and positive enough to be spied by us? Does your idea or innovation help improve the lives of others and the world happening around you? If so, please complete the form below to take advantage of our Bespoke Service.

How the Service Works

3 Easy Steps

  1. Click the "APPLY" button below
  2. If your idea or innovation is accepted we will advise you within two business days and send you a payment form for A$450 including GST
  3. Reply to our email with your payment details and suggested images and/or a video (YouTube/Vimeo or 30 sec video max 30Mb)

After payment Congratulations! We will edit, publish and share your idea. You can then say your idea has been spied by IdeaSpies!


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