Capturing Stories & Memories

Tributes at funerals and memorial services are heard by all, but the informal stories and memories shared later are only heard by a few. These gatherings are unique – never before and never again to happen in this exact composition – extended family, friends old and new, work colleagues, all those moved to be there find themselves sharing stories and feelings.
What if these recollections and priceless insights could be captured? The greatest honour of all – never to be forgotten is the service offered by “Your Story Of” recording on video stories and memories.
Later you receive on a USB drive, a professionally edited short video of these stories, together with all the interview footage, as well as the names, email addresses and phone numbers of everyone who spoke to us – to follow up if you wish. The USB can be copied and shared.
A family grieving, preoccupied or numb on the day, can find solace in the months and years to come discovering and rediscovering the influence their loved one had on others.
Future generations would get to know someone so much a part of their family history, in a way they otherwise never could. For further details phone 0403032409 or email

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