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  • : To create a long lasting Australian vision in the business, employment and manufacturing sectors maybe we need to begin at the beginning! Start working with young people in a clever and motivating way. Check out Kidpreneur and see how they are addressing this issue with vision. Since 2010, Club Kidpreneur Foundation has played a pivotal role in entrepreneurial education with programs specifically designed for primary school students aged 10-12. Club Kidpreneur exists to spark an entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation, equipping and empowering them with the confidence, resilience, creativity and critical thinking to thrive in their future careers. Club Kidpreneur program’s all help primary school students, working in teams, build their own micro-business, which can be used for social good. Kids learn the key steps of business from ideation to commercialisation and then donate their profits to charity. The interactive, experiential learning allows kids to stretch their creativity, get comfortable with risk and failure, and build resilience and confidence. The program is mapped to National Curriculum outcomes across multiple subject areas including Maths, English, Science and Arts. Club Kidpreneur is proud to partner with government, business, schools and the community, bringing these key groups together to futureproof the next generation of job creators, employees and Australian citizens. Be inspired by the great work Tania Price and her husband are achieving via the creativity and intelligence of our young people.

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