Converting brain signals into speech voted top idea at Ashurst Boardroom Lunch

Three ideas from IdeaSpies were presented by Jack Digby Lawyer at the Ashurst June 2019 Boardroom Lunch addressed by David Thodey AO. The idea receiving the most votes from directors was to convert brain signals into speech. This idea now goes to the final at the December Boardroom Lunch to select the top idea for the year.

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  1. Good Choice : ) Having seen the development of this technology over the last 25-30 years with colleagues performing early research at Swinburne University in the 90s and having my brain mapped by them … then being inspired to track the progress and working with consumer level tech like Muse and great folk like ThoughtWired out of New Zealand who help people with disabilities use brain sensing tech to communicate… this idea brings great value to the community. Keep it up and thanks Lynn Wood ,Idea Spies, Ashurst , Jack Digby and David Thodey for lifting the profile of such work and technology. Great Stuff ! John Katsiris @MYbrainwave

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