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IdeaSpies Enterprise

What is IdeaSpies Enterprise?

IdeaSpies Enterprise is an easy to learn and use idea sharing platform that offers a simple, effective, fun way to encourage and rate ideas within organisations. It's easy to learn and use because it's been tested and refined via the public IdeaSpies. You can try the demonstration model, the public IdeaSpies, by clicking here.

Employee Innovation research conducted in 2018 shows that employees want a voice in helping their organisations succeed.

Reasons to use IdeaSpies Enterprise:
  1. Generate useful ideas
  2. Employees can offer ideas to improve how you operate. Even minor improvements in the way you operate can lead to significant efficiency gains in your business

  3. Increase employee engagement and collaboration
  4. People feel more valued when there is an easy, transparent and effective way to contribute their ideas. Collaboration across silos will also be likely as ideas can come from anywhere in your organisation.

  5. Encourage creativity
  6. The IdeaSpies purpose is sharing innovation to inspire action and it should inspire your people to think of ideas to improve your business. You can search IdeaSpies by category or word to see over 3,000 ideas and innovations, simply explained in 100 words or less, that could improve our lives.

  7. Psychological Safety
  8. IdeaSpies Enterprise offers psychological safety because ideas can be posted anonymously with a fun Idea Spy name. This means participation from all levels - people often think their ideas aren't good enough, particularly at lower levels of an organisation.

  9. Retain your most valued staff
  10. People on the left of this chart will contribute useful ideas and comment on those that interest them. They are the innovators in your business, the intrapreneurs, and the most likely to add value, at any level, young or old. They are the people you should encourage and retain and IdeaSpies Enterprise will help to identify them.

How Does IdeaSpies Enterprise Work?

People at all levels of an organisation are given the opportunity to join using your organisation email address. They can use their own names or fun Idea Spy names. Only people with an organisation's email address can see the ideas as well as rate them and comment on them.

The platform operates independently. In that way all your employees can access it 24/7. It can also be linked in to an intranet if required.

Ideas can be posted with or without an image. Images help in communicating an idea. When ideas are posted others can rate and comment on them.

Case Study

KPMG GWS (Greater Western Sydney) completed a successful trial of IdeaSpies Enterprise. You can read it here.

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