External liquid cooler for desktop computer

The standard fan cooler used inside computers takes too much space thus limiting insertion of better hardware. One of the methods used to improve computer performance is to use a liquid cooler to prevent overheating. Most current liquid coolers are placed internally, however there is the potential for leaking and extra noise. Our team has designed an external liquid cooling system which means more space for hardware in the computer while avoiding damage caused by leaking. Our cooling system  increases the efficiency and security of the CPU.

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    • We are a start up company called ‘Red Coral’ from the University of Toronto Hatchery program and we are group of people who really like to customize our desktop. However, We do see that the current liquid cooler product is not giving the best possible performance while setting up to a very expensive price. So we see the potential on building the best liquid cooler by making it external and opens up many potential to reach even better performance

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