Fake beef


Impossible Foods is making meats and cheeses directly from simple plant ingredients. Their foods are designed to have the delicious taste and texture of animal products, but no cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics, or contaminants – and require far less land, water and energy to produce. They start with plants, such as grains, greens and beans and separate proteins, fats, and other nutrients from each one, selecting those that give their foods desirable flavors and textures. They then combine these proteins with vitamins, amino acids, and fats, all from plants, to make their meats and cheeses. They plan to launch their first hamburger in the US in 2016. www.ImpossibleFoods.com

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  1. Subject to the possibility that this new food uses some form of genetic modification (which is worrying but I’m not sufficiently technically qualified to judge), it would be a tremendous asset not only to human health, but also in diminishing carbon buildup from animal droppings.

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