How To Post and Share

3 Simple points to post clever ideas

  1. Write a catchy headline
  2. Write up to 100 words
  3. Choose an image or video from your phone or computer

IdeaSpies Editorial Policy

Posting ideas on IdeaSpies is free and DIY.

Ideas should be clever and positive. Whenever you see something and think “that’s clever” it should be on IdeaSpies.

The ideas should also be apolitical and balanced. They can be ideas happening now, ideas being developed or a different way to think about a subject. They should offer a solution to a problem.

IdeaSpies posts need to attract people who are curious and looking for ways to improve our lives. They are explained in 100 words or less so they are easily understood. A link can be provided in the post for more information or to contact the author. The headline should be a benefit or something new, not just the product name. The image should be attractive, not a logo.

If these guidelines aren’t followed the idea may be suspended and a request sent in a comment for more information. The post may also be edited or deleted.

If you need help to explain your idea and share it please apply for our Bespoke Post service

Posting with an image or video
  • Idea Title - Choose a positive title that conveys a benefit or something different, not just the product name
  • Category - Choose the idea category from the drop down menu
  • Description - Describe the essence of the idea so people can understand it quickly. If it's a startup state the "elevator pitch". Write max 100 words . You can add a link for more information. You're also welcome to include your email address if you want people to contact you.
  • Add an image or video - Choose an image or video taken that shows the product or service well An image should be between 150 pixels and 4,000 pixels height and width and below 10Mb - not a logo. If you need an image try Pixabay for free ones you can use. A video should be max 30 secs and 30Mb

Posting with a URL Video
  • Only YouTube and Vimeo videos can be posted with a URL (website address)
  • Add an idea title and category as above.
  • Copy and paste your YouTube or Vimeo idea URL (website address), starting with HTTP.
  • Check the preview before submitting

Editing and deleting your post

By going to "My Posts" in the menu bar or your profile (top left icon on the site when you are logged in) you can edit and delete your posts. You can suspend your post while you work on it by deactifying the blue button in your profile. After your idea has been shared changes can't be made to the headline or image.

Sharing your Post

Share your post to your social media with the share icons (under the post) to maximise awareness. When you share your post add @IdeaSpies so we can like or comment to support it.

Check results

You can see how popular your post is by checking Idea Management in the menu of your profile. The most popular (trending) ideas are included in IdeaSpies Weekly.

Easy Access to IdeaSpies

You can set IdeaSpies to the home screen of most phones. See instructions here


If these guidelines aren't followed your post may be deleted by the administrator. If you have any questions or comments on these guidelines please contact Feedback and ideas always welcome.


After posting an idea you're an Idea Spy!

Idea Spies are observant people who care about the world and make it better by sharing clever ideas happening around them

You're welcome to join the IdeaSpies LinkedIn Group

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We're creating a community of Idea Spies around the world who are truly embracing innovation.

Submitting an article

After you join IdeaSpies you are welcome to submit an article for publication on the IdeaSpies Innovation Blog.

Your article needs to be:

  1. related to innovation
  2. in good English
  3. interesting
  4. authored by someone who has a public profile
  5. associated with a reputable organisation if an organisation's name is to be included
  6. in word format
  7. with a suitable landscape image attached separately

Articles need to be sent to us to be considered. If an article is accepted it will be edited by IdeaSpies to ensure it is compatible with other articles on the platform before publication.

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