Harvesting drinking water from air

Majik Water, captures water from the air and converts it into drinking water using solar technology. The process uses desiccants such as silica gels to draw water from the air. The gels are then heated up with solar power to release the water. The current system can generate up to 10 litres of filtered water per day, with the team looking to scale up to 100-litre systems at a cost of only £0.08 per 10 litres. The solar panels used for the prototype are the most expensive input on the device and Majik Water is looking for ways to drive those costs down. The device, which won first prize this year at the EDF Africa awards , could provide a solution for the 1.8 billion people predicted to have a shortage of water by 2025, according to the UN. http://www.majikwater.co/

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