High heels becoming unfashionable

Women are trading in their high-heeled stiletto shoes for sneakers and ballet flats. Workplaces are becoming more casual, and it’s increasingly acceptable to wear sneakers to dinner. More people are working from home, and those who do go into the office are often walking to work. Fitness trackers like the Fitbit have also made people more aware of how much they are — or should be — moving. For people counting their steps, it makes sense to wear comfortable footwear and clothing. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/business/wp/2018/03/07/high-heels-are-the-worst-and-women-are-finally-ditching-them/?

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  1. I agree but I have a large handbag and pop my high heels on just outside the meeting room if it suits my outfit and I cant just throw out all my high heels – yet!

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