How serious are you about innovation?

IdeaSpies Enterprise, a platform for ideas that will improve business performance, has released the results of an Employee Innovation Survey.

The purpose of the survey was to determine if employees have a voice in helping their organisations succeed. Innovation was defined simply in the survey as “implementation of ideas that add value”.

It’s good to see that 84% of leaders are talking about the need for innovation, but only 69% of employees believe the culture of their organisation actually welcomes new ideas.

This result indicates there is a significant gap in organisations ‘walking the talk’ on innovation. Organisations that offer an idea capture tool for employees to contribute ideas have much better scores- 88% of employees believe their organisations welcome new ideas.

Frustration was expressed when organisations said they wanted innovation but were not resourcing it. Management often give the illusion of wanting ideas, but then lack the skills to capture ideas in a simple way, give feedback and implement good ideas.

Management needs to stop feeling comfortable about the way they do things – for example by saying ‘that’s the way we have always done things’. In organisations like this, employees who suggest new ideas can be seen as a threat. In more progressive organisations, innovation is part of the culture- a continuous process where employees are encouraged to suggest ideas.”

The survey was sent to about 2,000 employees, with 18% responding and volunteering extensive comments.

A full report on the results is now being prepared. Please contact me if you’d like to receive it.

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