How to get your startup better known

The following are ways you can make your start-up well known by publicity through guest posting.

What is guest posting?

Guest posting can simply be defined as the act of contributing to another web owner’s or blogger’s website.

How do you get started?                                                  

  1.   The first step will be to search for an authority website that allows contributors. You can search over the internet for relevant sites that have blogs You can find them on social media or forums. Be on the lookout for brands or people who get talked about a lot in your niche or industry as well as noted authors and influencers. Examples of authority websites you can contribute to are  and which all have impressive global ranking. There are also many magazines that may be looking for guest writers.
  2. Once you establish an authority publication to write for, reach out. Do a pitch, identify yourself and express your interest in contributing.. 
  3. When you have done your pitch, you need to sit back and wait for approval. The time it will take for you to get feedback will depend on how busy the webmaster and editors are. They are getting requests from other bloggers to contribute to their sites.
  4. Ask for feedback. The publication may be able to suggest ways to improve your post.
  5. When your post is published share it to your social media. When you do the value of the post is maximised.

What role does guest posting play in making your business known publicly?

1.    It allows you to share your news with more people

Guest posting will expand the size of the audience you will be able to reach. You already have an audience. If you contribute to a relevant website, you will be able to draw more audience to your site. Provided you contribute quality and relevant content you will be able to increase your following: which signifies that your brand has more value.

2.    Link building

By guest posting, you will be able to build links for your website: which is a smart move. Remember that search engines consider quality backlinks in ranking a site on search results. If you do it well, guest blogging will earn you backlinks and in turn, search engines will rank your site more highly.  Hence your site will be easier to find. A bigger audience will be able to find you, therefore your brand will become better known.                         

3.    Building relationships

While guest posting, you will be able to establish relationships with other web owners and bloggers. Most of them are influential in the market and they could help you to be influential.

4.  Guest posting will improve your online authority

There is no better way of improving your online authority than guest posting. When you contribute to a brand or business that already has authority you will gain credibility hence  more brand awareness .

5. Honing your content marketing skills

The best way to learn content marketing is by doing it. For your brand to be known publicly your content marketing skills should be on point. Guest posting will give you an arena to research and an opportunity to learn. Through guest posting you will experience growth in every area of content marketing, which you can use to grow your own brand by increasing awareness.

Guest posting is one of the surest ways of creating brand awareness. If you have not yet put it to the test, use these guidelines to get started, and it will be worth your while.

Dancun Kingori  


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