Maria’s hair loss journey

Maria Halasz
  • : Hair loss is a problem that impacts both men and women, but there are very few treatments that are effective in both sexes and even fewer with known mechanism of action. Advangen’s CEO Maria Halasz discovered this first hand when she began to lose her hair after she turned 40, and after trying everything on the market began to lose hope. Serendipitously, on a trip to Japan, Maria encountered technology based around blocking a protein called FGF5. FGF5 was discovered as an important signaller in the hair cycle through studies of ‘angora’ breeds of animal with naturally long and thick hair, caused by changes in the fgf5 gene. Mutations in the gene also causes the growth of long hair in humans, in particular very long and thick eyelashes. FGF5 has been identified as the critical protein that tells hair follicles to stop growing hair and rest, which in the hair cycle, precedes hair shedding and then growing a new hair from scratch. Initially impressed with the science, Maria started using the FGF5 blocking products, and after a few months was so happy with the results she acquired the company. Advangen’s hair growth product évolis® is formulated from FGF5-blocking natural plant extracts that have been screened using a number of specialised laboratory tests. Advangen’s scientists can measure how cells expressing the FGF5 receptor respond to FGF5 and then quantify the inhibition of the protein with natural extracts or purified compounds. After testing numerous compounds, Advangen’s scientists have formulated the évolis® tonics that have been clinically proven as effective in reducing hair loss in high proportions of men and women. Find out more at

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