Making food traceable


Woolworths of Australia, and Driscoll’s, a fresh berry company, use HarvestMark to track their food. Driscoll’s packs berries in the field into the individual plastic clamshells that shoppers pick up in the grocery store. Five years ago, Driscoll’s hired HarvestMark to help it create a system to add their QR codes to each individual berry clamshell package they sell. Consumers could then use their smartphones to scan the code on the package they bought into the company’s website and tell Driscoll’s exactly what they thought about the berries they had just eaten. Using that QR code, the company could trace those berries back through the distribution trail, from the customer on their website to the field where they were picked. Overall berry quality has increased, which allows them to charge a premium price – they sell a billion clamshells of berries a year.

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