Millennials prefer fresh food


Recent research has shown that Millennial Australians (18 – 35 years old) – are three times more likely to buy pre-prepared vegetables than the average shopper, and while frozen food is still a popular option for them, many feel as though they’re compromising on taste and quality if they buy frozen vegetables, leading to the relatively strong preference for fresh, pre-prepared options. This is good news for people concerned that unhealthy diets are leading to health problems such as diabetes.

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  1. This doesn’t make sense to me. Fresh – if genuinely fresh – is best. Snap frozen which is and has been since the mid-1950s, is almost as good. Maybe the equivalent. Par cooked food is very likely to be bloated by all manner of additives/preservatives and in particular salt and sugar. This is deleterious to health. The real problem is that millennials are under constant pressure to work, leaving less time to prepare food in the traditional way, and also, probably, really don’t understand the nature of cooking and nutrition in any event.

    • I think they are talking about Millennials preferring fresh pre-prepared options – not par cooked food. I was surprised to read recently however that in the western suburbs of Sydney people were more likely to live closer to fast food places than shops selling fresh food so it would be interesting to check where people included in this survey live.

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