Mosaic sushi


This is a simple concept. Put some pieces of sushi together in a square with some imagination and you’ve created mosaic sushi. Simple, yes, but also very creative and it makes normal sushi look boring. This idea has become very popular in Japan and is likely to spread.

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2 responses

  1. I think these are really pretty. But the statement that these are becoming popular in Japan is false. Sorry guys, I’m here studying at the Tokyo Sushi Academy in Tsuskiji. right here in the fish market district. There are about 50,000 sushi restarants here. All displaying their dishes. I eat sushi here daily. I promise you, they do no9t do this! They are about tradition! Even most rolls with the rice on the outside is very uncommon. There is an art to sushi making. They very seldom even use the zushi boxes.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Susann. Maybe someone there should consider displaying sushi like this despite tradition-this idea has been widely shared from IdeaSpies and looks very popular!

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