Nanoparticles to detect fake Australian beef

Commercial trials are underway in Australia to inject edible nanoparticles into cuts and sides of export meat before it leaves Australia, with the meat linked to encrypted blockchain verification systems that need unlocking to prove it is genuine Australian provenance once it ­arrives in China. It is estimated twice the amount of Australian beef actually exported is sold in China while carrying an Australian brand or Australian-grown label; a fraud that costs Australian farmers and meat exporters $2 billion in potential lost sales. Cutting-edge nanoparticle technology adopted from the medical industry, using unique brand-identifying films or liquid injections that are safe to eat and impossible to taste or see, may be the secret to solving this major global problem. To help you get the picture, a human hair is 10,000 times wider than a nanoparticle. A nanoparticle is the size of a molecule.

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