New improved assault rifle with grenade launcher


This new EF88 rifle, developed by Thales Australia with the Australian army, is said to offer soldiers the ability to engage hostile forces from a greater distance, in all conditions, day and night, with greater accuracy than any other military organisation in the world today. This rifle includes an improved grenade launcher and the ability to add on a bipod. In future soldiers may be able to transmit images from the sights back to base.

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  1. I know very little about armaments but I recognise that this rifle is a development of the original Steyr product. It has a very well thought out total camouflage paint pattern which I think blends with the uniform of Australian troops and I don’t know whether the painted finish is incorporated into the plastic parts or painted on as it would be for the metallic parts.

    It certainly goes quite some way to making believable the adage of “man and machine” being one.

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