Object detection capability in retail – helping reduce fraud and theft

As expected, crime can move at a faster pace than digital innovations.

In-store crime is costing Australian retailers upwards of $3.3bn pa, and self-service checkouts are partially the point of exposure . That’s just a little less than what US behmoth Walmart sees as annual shrink (loss) rates (ie when inventory disappears without being paid).

In the US, Walmart recently deployed object detection technology (core tech for autonomous systems and smart city use cases), coupled with their existing CCTV investments and a dash of AI to identify these cases and inform the Assistant of potential issues. The human-in-the loop will be much needed in future despite the love affair with AI – but humans will be performing higher order tasks. Just like the Assistants @ Walmart!

Lots of other applications of similar technology are possible – watch this space (Amazon’s payless supermarkets are the tip of the iceberg) https://www.businessinsider.com.au/walmart-tracks-theft-with-computer-vision-1000-stores-2019-6


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  1. This system looks better than using security tags however is there still an issue with sales assistants being expected to pursue customers?

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