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Rice-based straws as a sustainable solution

Malaysian company RiceStraws offers an affordable alternative to plastic straws, 100% biodegradable, and of natural ingredients that are edible. Straws are made of rice as the main material, and tapioca as a coagulant. They don?t dissolve in drinks, but soften up after 2-3 hours in hot drinks and 4-10 hours in cold drinks. They are certified according to food industry standards HACCP and ISO 22000, and are also Halal-certified. While in developed countries using plastic straws has been widely reduced, are consumers in developing countries ready to pay more for this change? Image Credit: NLYTech Biotech More info:
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make-happen @ 2019.09.16 9:14 PM
This is a great idea to rid the world of lots of plastic

IdeaSpies @ 2019.09.16 9:14 PM
Yes Gillian- and it looks appealing! Lynn

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By Ivani Torales

30th August 2019


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