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COP28 and the 1st Global Stocktake

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5 November 2023 by Jeremy Wright

COP28 is set to begin 30 November in the United Arab Emirates. As part of proceedings, it will present the results of the 1st Global Stocktake. An early look indicates that we are not on track to achieve the goals set in the Paris Agreement.

In the attached McKinsey early summary, the findings come in under Mitigation, Adaptation, Finance, Knowledge Sharing and Next Steps.

There's an emphasis on urgency of action (not a surprise). "It’s clear that the time is now for international cooperation, equitable climate action, and sustainable transformation across all sectors".

Worth a read...

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2023.11.06 2:28 AM
How have the wars in Ukraine and Gaza been affecting the results Jeremy? Are they taken into account? 

Jeremy Wright @ 2023.11.06 3:46 AM
While I doubt the war in Gaza is included in considerations at this stage, it will obviously impact COP28 discussions, given the meeting is in the UAE, in close geopolitical vicinity. The Ukraine war has had the effect of bolstering gas production and exploration worldwide, to provide energy security. But there are reports of increased renewable developments also as a result - so I think this would be included. Given that climate changes and impacts are increasing - as science predicted - I'm sure we'll have more conflict to contend with. So these reports will have to make considerations accordingly.

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