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Data science to help battle fires

Researchers are building tools so officials can use data to learn how to rebuild communities devastated by natural disasters. Artificial intelligence lets computers predict and find insights from that data. By analyzing historical disaster information, publicly available census data and predictive models of risk and resilience, tools will be able to identify and prioritize key decisions, like what kinds of infrastructure investments to make.
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fraser @ 2019.11.21 7:16 PM
Iam a natural-born Innovator, Administrator and Analyst been part of actual change since HS and got to help in every economic downturn by using innovation and collaboration to do what the experts had already failed at and use open source thinking since college to help influence change on not what the system does but how it does it. The one most would now recognize is Blockchain technology. It was created in 1995 in Ottawa Canada to deal with the issue coming out of the 1989 economic downturn. Data is important, rebuilding after the fire or a flood takes time and if you are smart do not repeat the same mistakes and use innovation and collaboration to address two things that come out of both fire and floods. Mother nature use them as a renewal process. So each rebuild should be evaluated on several things. should you actually be allowed to rebuild, if you are allowed to rebuild what can innovation do to protect the property and people using innovation and collaboration and not cost a fortune and not have an environmental impact?  I have been in gathering with young Candian innovators that have good ideas. in all these areas.  You may wish to contact  Ron at . He as a search engine that would help. Find white paper on the subject and then comes the hard part; implementing them.  will require innovation and collaboration to go around the 20th-century system thinking. He will know who to contact for that.

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By lynnwood

13th November 2019


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