Drones instead of fireworks for Shanghai New Year!

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Daniella Traino @ 2020.01.02 4:29 PM
I saw this on twitter, and it was absolutely amazing to see the ingenuity and creativity using drones! Of course, I was also wondering how the drones managed to avoid collision, as well as cheeky/ nefarious people trying to disrupt the show and cause human impact. Cyber is alive and well.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.01.06 6:21 PM

China has banned fireworks in more than 400 cities in an effort to curb air pollution, creating demand for alternative entertainment. Latest news says the display in this video was filmed before New Years Eve.

New Year celebrations in Shanghai have been low key since 2014, when 36 people were killed n a crush on the Bund, where a crowd of about 300,000 people had gathered.

Seems that the drone display is a test run which should be considered in more places around the world for New Year 2021.

jaqui @ 2020.01.09 1:14 PM
Saw some of this on the night but didn't know it was drones. How clever and Sydney should adopt this for NYE 2021 and donate the money spent that year to the RFS

Lynn Wood @ 2021.01.01 3:07 AM
This looked like a good idea as an experiment that was pre-recorded for New Year 2020. Seems it has not been repeated for 2021.

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