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Sending airships to the stratosphere


SCEYE  is opening up access to the stratosphere using helium filled airships. The stratosphere offers all the benefits of space orbit flight, yet is close enough to carry large payloads of off the shelf equipment, at an altitude of 20km (65,000 ft).

The possibilities are endless...

There are numerous humanitarian applications, like providing last-mile connectivity and monitoring human trafficking, illegal fishing, and real-time climate emissions.

What would you do??

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2020.02.03 5:45 PM
I wonder if tourism is a possibility as well? Great image though I can't see that it has windows.

JennyM @ 2020.02.05 5:35 AM
Maybe the tourists could have a VR experience while in transit.

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By JennyM

3rd February 2020


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