Rebranding Australia as an Entrepreneurial Nation

The Academy of Entrepreneurs launched a Corporate Challenge in collaboration with the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) in response to the Australian Government Initiative to develop a stronger Nation Brand. The initiative is all about better positioning Australia to enhance our global competitiveness.

The Foreign Policy White Paper of 2017 found that the current nation branding is fragmented with no unified representation of Australia internationally. It showed that the number of individual brands in the global market place was diluting the effectiveness of the collective promotion of Australia.

The students of the Academy of Entrepreneurs presented their Brand Australia proposals to Fiona De Jong, Head of Australia’s Nation Brand at Austrade after being mentored through the Corporate Challenge by two creative industry leaders, both entrepreneurs in their own right, Duncan Harriss, Managing Director of award winning integrated production company Limehouse Creative and Dan Aldridge, Creative Director, BBC Studios Australia and Hyperkid.

Fiona De Jong said, “I had the opportunity to hear the top four pitches from extraordinary entrepreneurs of Australia. I was blown away by the creativity, and the expression and the imagination of these incredible young people in our country. Each of the ideas was executed in different ways but collectively articulated some really special attributes of this country and that’s what this whole project was about. Let’s get to the essence in a simple way about what’s great about his country and let’s celebrate that. The people in this course were able to do that over the course of a very short period of time so I do thank the Academy of Entrepreneurs for the opportunity to have this project come to life and for sharing with us the inspiring ideas from young entrepreneurs in our country.”

“What brief could be more exciting than helping rebrand and better brand Australia! The Nation Brand initiative is one that resonates with our own industry and citizens of course but perhaps more importantly, one that needs to be heard across the world by potential investors and talent to convince them Australia is the place to come to realise their dreams. We believe that Australia is the perfect place to test and launch a start-up; because we are a multicultural, young, innovative nation with a strong economy. Entrepreneurs are a key voice, a current and future demographic and engine of Australia,” says Duncan Harriss.

Over 5 weeks, 61 students and budding entrepreneurs from over 40 nationalities workshopped ideas and creative concepts to rebrand Australia. Students learnt branding and advertising 101, analysed what Australia has to offer as a nation and critiqued other successful global nation brand campaigns

Dan Aldridge said, “The brief most certainly peaked my interest and my hunger to be part of an ambitious and exciting branding exercise. By sharing my expertise, wisdom and skillsets in branding and design, I feel the young budding entrepreneurs that have attended our sessions have really got a lot out of it, with a wide range of integrated ideas and concepts being displayed.”

The Academy of Entrepreneurs was founded by CEO Paula Mills with the aim of disrupting the education industry. The Academy teaches various business diplomas and entrepreneurship to students from all over the globe.

Paula Mills says, “This is a great opportunity for students to test their strategic thinking, problem solving and entrepreneurial skills, whilst giving back to Australia with campaigns designed to make it more attractive for students overseas to consider launching their start-ups in Australia. It’s interesting to see how most visitors and students come to Australia for the laid-back lifestyle and its natural beauty but then most end up wanting to stay due to Australia’s young, multicultural, welcoming and strong & safe economy. For that reason, I pitched to Austrade the idea of letting our students share their experiences & ideas, so we could together build a campaign and attract more young talent into Australia.”

The Corporate Challenge winners (left to right) were Eduarda Costa, Renata Torres and Gabrielle Marek.

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The Academy of Entrepreneurs has built a bridge between education and the start-up business world, allowing students to network with top leaders, be taught by serial-entrepreneurs, exchange ideas with likeminded colleagues, be coached and mentored, receive investor pitch training, and learn via entrepreneurial challenges. Our mission is to supercharge leaders with empowering entrepreneurship skills for them to succeed.

Limehouse Creative is an award winning full-service production company that believes in intelligent integration. Based in Sydney, Australia, we house a celebrated network of specialists who produce arresting creative solutions for clients from all over the world. Operating a core team and an extended network of partners and experts both locally and abroad, we collaborate with agencies and brands to create world- class visuals and content for all media channels, including print, television, online, digital and across social media.

Hyperkid is a global creative agency with over 20 years’ experience in branding, design, talent shoots, content marketing and digital strategy. We have straddled both client side and Agency, working collaboratively, creatively and cleverly to push all boundaries. With an infectious creative vision, we take strategic risks to engage audiences in ways that are both unique and impactful.


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