Taking advantage of free publicity

When social media started to become popular free publicity was freely available. Many online businesses spread awareness by growing followers, particularly on Facebook.

More recently Facebook has been taking advantage of its market leading position by charging businesses to reach their followers. This has led to the need to find other ways of getting free publicity.

Instagram become the social media platform of choice for businesses with visual products such as fashion and dining while Twitter is used to spread ideas as well as information on products and services. More recently LinkedIn has become an effective channel for sharing ideas and information.

The best way to get free publicity is to get your idea or innovation featured in a post or article if you can. If it is featured you should leverage it by sharing it on your own social media to get more free publicity. Independent validation is very helpful in building interest and trust as well as awareness.

I’m often surprised how few businesses take advantage of this opportunity and presume it’s due to lack of digital marketing experience. Marketing people know that a successful business starts by spreading awareness which creates interest, then sales then repeat sales if the product or service is good enough.

It’s easy to sign up for Google alerts and be advised when your or your organisation’s name or innovation is mentioned in the media. Presuming the mention is positive you can share it to all your social media to take advantage of the publicity by broadening its reach.

For example an IdeaSpies article in 2018 about Lauren Hanford’s FHIT fitness program idea was shared by their marketing and PR agency  Taurus Marketing and it sparked attention from a reader who is a communications strategist. She directly contacted Lauren to be part of a media campaign by the Australian College of Nursing which led to a Today Show TV media feature.

Similarly, if your name or your organisation’s name is mentioned on social media, connected with favourable publicity, like it plus, where possible, comment on it and share it. This will extend the reach of the publicity. It’s also a thoughtful way to acknowledge the support you have been given.

These guidelines for getting free publicity on IdeaSpies through a post or article, which you can then share, should help.

Free publicity is much more valuable than paid advertising in creating awareness.

Lynn Wood Chief Idea Spy

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