Taking advantage of free publicity

When social media was starting to become popular free publicity was freely available. Many online businesses spread awareness by growing followers, particularly on Facebook.

More recently Facebook has been taking advantage of its market leading position by charging businesses to reach their followers. This has led to the need to find other ways of getting free publicity. Instagram has become the social media of choice for businesses with visual products such as fashion and dining while Twitter is used to spread ideas as well as information on products and services. More recently LinkedIn has become an effective channel for sharing ideas.

Before social media and since then the best way to get free publicity has been to get featured in an article if you can. There are now startup publications such as Startup Daily and Startup Soda, social platforms such as IdeaSpies and established media publications, all interested in publicising newsworthy ideas and events.

If you are fortunate enough to be featured in an article or blog post you should leverage it by sharing it on your own social media to get more free publicity. One mention in an article or blog could lead to further media opportunities if you share it.

I’m often surprised how few businesses take advantage of this opportunity and wondered whether it’s due to the tall poppy syndrome in Australia or lack of digital experience.

There are some however who recognise the opportunity and use it. Taking examples from my own social platform IdeaSpies in the last month, the businesses that have shared the post featuring them to receive a lot of extra free publicity are Mentor Walks Australia, SeeSense, Farmhouse Market, Haventec, Hospital Glamour, PrepDelicious, Wet Leopard and Evolis. Macleay St Bistro also shared their post on IdeaSpies widely to publicise their support for an ideas competition.

IdeaSpies only features inspiring clever ideas in the categories of artistic, dining, healthcare, NFP and wellbeing and is very pleased to see these ideas shared as much as possible for community benefit.

So if you get free publicity make the most of it by sharing it on your social media. Free publicity is much more valuable than paid advertising.

Lynn Wood


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