Tech Ready Program

Tech Ready

Helping female founders get Tech Ready. Run by Christie Whitehill, this is a part-time Sydney based program which gets female founders ready for their tech startup journey.

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    • You can start your MVP on the program, you will have all the resources available to you, all the tech advice to set you up correctly including how you intend to market your product.

      The program is designed to initially test your idea WITHOUT building the tech. Most non-tech founders jump in and try to build the tech before they really understand what their markets wants.

      It’s best to register your interest and Christie can take you through it – it starts in May, sorry I am not Christie, I just think this is an amazing idea because I’ve wasted so much time and money on my start up. I think it is around $4K. To be honest if I had this course prior to trying to do my start up 2 years ago I would have saved at least $50K – I’ve had one tech fail then another agency tech fail and nothing in the market making revenue as yet – when I saw this I thought finally because the only people I’ve dealt with so far in tech are men so it’s lovely to see a female get into the STEM space and really actively support women getting to market on their ideas.

    • Me too Lynn! I always think of all the ideas that never even reach the market because they couldn’t get the tech to work or ran out of money.

      I’m a Gen X former corporate where we had lots tech support it is such a different world and if you aren’t prepared you get ripped off and to me that’s really not what start ups should be about.

      I’m loving this idea spies

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