The Future of Healthcare-Big Data and Machine learning

  • : Big data will help us know the impact of certain drugs and lifestyles leading to better interventions. Machine learning will help computers become creative, like humans- not just follow instructions. Check DeepMind, an artificial intelligence company, which was bought by Google. Daniel Petre at LifeCircle May 2016

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  1. I’ve heard all this before: from the time computers became deeply embedded in medical surgeries. Greater efficiency and lower cost! In fact costs have increased and continue to do so because the embedded users – doctors – claim a monopoly over them. Of course outcomes are better with technology. At the very least there is improved record-keeping and robotics are more accurate than humans. Take one specific example, laser surgery to correct eyesight defects. The surgery is overwhelmingly if not totally computer-controlled and yet doctors charge more for this than for manual intervention surgery.

    • Good point- Daniel Petrie refers to this as “stack”- there will be competition over who controls the supply chain for each service and pricing. Hopefully this results in lower prices ie there won’t be monopolies.

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