The Honest Eye

On the occasion of Gay Pride Day even banks encourage to just be you. The nearly 50 years of often painful struggle for the LGBT movement underscores how it’s not always easy – for the individual or the society preferring to keep with the old ways. Even today the New York City parade took over my neighborhood requiring an hour to cross the street to get home.

Yes, it’s a clever idea to focus an honest eye to who you are at your most basic and express that even when it’s difficult. Different makes many uncomfortable so often you have to time the revelations of your honest eye so others can hear. And see the benefit on acknowledging differences. This Is true for females as they’ve risen to power in organizations and for those of minority religions working in intolerant organizations.

It’s a clever idea to use the “Do – Pause” model when you’re acting on your honest eye. Try expressing what you see softly, then pause a second and consciously gauge reactions. Should you continue or is that enough for now?


By Dr. Sabra Brock, co-founder of Idea Spies

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