The importance of noticing the new

Our brains are designed to be efficient. Once a habit is formed, then we don’t really notice much outside what’s necessary to do those ordinary things. Think of your customary path to work; you probably pass hundreds of signs, but just don’t notice.

On the other hand, you jump out of that rut if there’s a change. But the more you can train yourself to be flexible, the better you can react to change in a positive manner. It just like your body – stretching regularly builds flexibility.

Watching for the new is great practice for brain flexibility. If, every day, you try something new, you’ll be less stressed when you’re forced to change. Celebrate the variety around you. It’s usually something small, such as a new flavor of soda. Or it could be trying a new recipe, a new way to get to work, or a restaurant where you’ve never been.

by Dr Sabra Brock

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