The World’s First IBO – Initial Bear Offering

The idea behind LOOP Upcycling is to turn corporate waste into wonder. We re-use old unwanted corporate uniforms to reduce landfill and remove an environmental challenge for big business. At the same time we create life-changing jobs for some of the most disadvantaged members of the community. The opportunity to create this unique business started with Virgin Australia who wanted to discard their old corporate uniforms in a safe, secure, environmentally friendly and ethical way. So together, we developed the “Branson Bear” made from recycled flight crew uniforms. Instead of sending the uniforms as waste to landfill we started creating and supplying thousands of versions of this unique and wonderful bear. To produce our much loved teddy bears on a commercial scale we are inviting the crowdfunding community to be part of our journey. The crowdfunding campaign starts with ReadyFundGo on 30 April.

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